7 Things to tell your Bridal Hair and Make up Artist

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Here are a few tips from Miss Starlight about what to make sure you tell your Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist.


Everyone wants to look and feel their very best on their Wedding day. Establishing a good relationship with you chosen Bridal Hair and Make up Artist from the start is paramount.

First and foremost ensure you choose the right person for the job. Choose someone who’s previous work you admire, the person that feels a right fit for your style and someone who you feel comfortable being open with.

Remember that they will be there on your Wedding morning with your nearest and dearest and may well feature in your Wedding photos. Often we don’t get the opportunity to meet until the Trial, but you will know immediately from the first phone call or email if you get a positive vibe. Once you have this person, then you’re part of the way there.


Miss Starlight applies makeup to bridesmaids wearing autumnal colours and flower crowns

How much make up do you wear day to day?

Do you pop on a bit of under-eye concealer, a lick of mascara and off you pop or do you spend a full hour every morning doing a cut crease and individual lashes?

It will probably be quite obvious to us when we meet you for the first time whether you prefer a natural look, but the more we know about your day to day routine, the easier it will be to get the right balance from the outset.

Natural Bride with a woodland themed flower crown, makeup by Miss Starlight

Are you self conscious of anything?

Everyone has their hang ups, you are not alone. We all have something we’d rather not draw attention to. A professional Hair and Make up artist will know all of the trickery to help. A Subtle contour can sculpt the face or clever hair placement can hide ears or a generous forehead. It’s your day and we want you to be feeling your best. A confident bride is a beautiful one and you never know you might pick up some tips along the way!

Do you have any allergies or sensitivities?

This is a big one. If you have ever previously suffered with allergies or sensitivities to products, the last thing you want, is have a reaction on your Wedding day. Tell your H&MUA in advance so they can ensure they have suitable products for your trial and don’t be afraid to ask them to use your own tried and tested products. You know your own skin better than anyone.

How do you imagine yourself looking?

This seems like an obvious one and it’s ok if you’re not sure yet, that’s what the trial is for. However, if you have a strong idea of the styles you like and don’t like, tell us. We want to know everything. Even if you have a few different ideas, it means we can really get an idea of who you are and give you our professional advice.


gorgeous flower crown on bride with a woodland themed wedding, natural makeup by Miss Starlight

Accurate timings

There is nothing worse than rushed Wedding preparations. The Wedding morning is part of your Wedding Day and you should enjoy being pampered. Communicate precisely all the time you have, from the moment you are available to start getting ready until the moment you will be leaving for the ceremony. This means we can do an accurate running order for the bridal party and build in a contingency in case of any issues. Most of all it helps us create a calm and serene Wedding morning for you without any stress!

What is the style of the day and your dress?

Black tie, vintage or boho? What colours have you chosen? What shape is your dress? It’s so important when designing your Wedding Hair and Make up look to know all the details. You want the colours of your make up to compliment the wedding palette. If your dress has a high neckline or beautiful intricate detail on the back, the style of your hair needs to be considered so everything is shown off to its full potential. We are here to advise you and these are the kind of details that helps us help you.


The truth.

Finally, be honest. The trial process is a collaboration with your Hair and Make Up artist and you will only achieve success if you work as a team. We understand that everyone has different taste and style . Remember how easy it is to just take off your make up or undo your hair and start again if you’re not feeling it. The more honest you are with us, the happier you will be with the outcome of the trial. We have the same end goal as you. We want you to look and feel like the best version of yourself on your Wedding day. Communication is key.

Miss Starlight

Miss Starlight is on the Gemma Sutton Pro Team Miss Starlight takes great pride in promoting a calm and light atmosphere for her Brides. She is based in Windsor and lives with husband Marc and baby daughter Mabel. Outside of work her favourite things are: holidays, sleep, family & friends, books, wine, laughing and spa days. (In no particular order)


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