A Bride’s Guide: How To Wear Veils

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Veils: yes or no? Well, why not? You only have one occasion to wear a veil, and that’s on your wedding day!


Although not every bride decides to wear a veil, they are an item that has been worn through the ages as a traditional weddings staple. Veils are something that defines the final look and we’ve gathered the best ways to wear one!


There are so many choices of veil: cathedral, chapel, birdcage...but you need to consider how it will work with your dress, face shape, body shape, hairstyle and wedding location.


Our advice for how to wear a veil

A simple rule: if your wedding dress is very elaborate, with lace and embroidery, choose a plain and simple veil. Whilst, if your dress is simple and discreet, you could pick a veil with beautiful lace and embellishments.

The most important factor is to think about your hairstyle on your wedding day! Some veils require a specific hairstyle so that they can be fixed properly. Traditionally, lower buns were the easiest style for fastening the veil, although more and more brides are wearing their hair down in a loose, boho style with their veil.

Of course, you must make sure your veil is secured properly! There’s nothing worse than a veil flying off mid-ceremony due to a gust of wind.

Want to achieve that beautiful boho bride look? Get in touch!

Wearing a veil with a headpiece

One of our favourite wedding looks is the layering of a headpiece and wedding veil. It’s sophisticated and chic, and creates allows you to wear some beautiful embellishments, without wearing a tiara. In terms of which hairpiece to choose, there is no end to your options!


For an elegant updo, wedding hair pins added to the bun gives the perfect touch of sparkle without stealing the show. If you’d prefer something simple and subtle that will help keep your hair in place, consider this option. Instead, a embellished hair comb works well for accenting an updo. Another great advantage of the head piece is that if you’d like to take off your veil after the ceremony, the headpiece will ensure your hair still looks extra special!



Like so many things on your wedding day, you’ll just ‘know’ what’s right for’s so much fun choosing all of the different aspects of your bridal wear, suppliers and special touches. Whatever you choose, as long as you feel fabulous, you will look fabulous!


Ella Delancy

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