Airbrush Xmas Training Day

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We have been feeling festive in the GS Studio celebrating and rewarding all of our talented Pro Team's hard work over the last year.

With Christmas crackers, jumpers, fizz and mince pies we saw the afternoon through awarding certificates for outstanding work and commitment from the Pro Team.  We had a hair demo from Gemma Sutton demonstrating a popular fish tail plaited style working in hair extensions for a natural fuller look.

Followed by an airbrushing demo from one of our Gold Pro Team Miss Lavender Jade.  A talented make up artist with both her brushes and airbrushing she talked through the pros and cons of using Airbrushing Make Up, when it is best used and on what skin types or when using the art of the brush might be best.

To give more of an understanding of what Airbrushing is:  It is make up applied to the skin through powered compressor air.  The make up travels down the hose connecting the base to the operating metal trigger actioned gun where the flow can be controlled to allow for precision and varied levels of coverage, using circular motions the make up is applied to the whole face, building up the coverage slowly for a natural effect.

The main benefit of using the airbrushing technique is how it atomises the product making the particles of make-up tiny therefore less visible, giving a very flawless finish.  The coverage can be controlled by how much of the product is passed through the gun at time of application as well as the product used - thinning agents can also be added for more natural looks.

Although the skin will look extremely flawless with an airbrushed base, bare in mind that it does remain very matt, flat and 1 dimensional.  This can be built upon using contouring with bronzer applied again with the airbrush.  Highlighter and blusher can also be added after the base application.

As with all foundations various make up will be used for different skin types - a silicone base is great for longevity as it is heat, sweat and tear resistant with a non-stick feel, however it can be very flat when first applied, looking best once settled on the skin.  A waterbased foundation looks lovely and dewy when first applied but doesn't always tend to be as long lasting especially on oily skin.

One key factor prior to airbrushing is good skincare - as with all make up application it is so important to have well moisturised skin. Using the right moisturiser and primer is essential for a good long lasting application.

We have a few members of the team fully trained in the Airbrushing technique of Make Up Application if this is something you are particularly interested in trying - Miss Diamond, Miss Wisteria, Miss Champagne, Miss Athens and Miss Lavender Jade.



Fran Walters


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