An Open Letter from Gemma xx

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

An open letter to my website visitors, so I can share with you the really important bits about getting your wedding hair and makeup done by a professional xx

Welcome, well hello there, not quite what you were expecting when you arrived here, you came looking for hair and makeup and there’s this blank white page with just a letter from me, Gemma x

Well why? Well because it is my site, I’m super proud of it, and not just my site, but everyone involved in it! From Fran and Michelle my twosome at the wheel of all things creative and organisational, who’ll you’ll get to meet first hand if you reach out to us, Ella who writes some wonderful content for our blog, my Pro Team who work incredibly hard with me to make sure you’re super happy at your trial and have the most wonderful wedding morning x

If you’re as excited as I am about weddings then you’ve probably dismissed this already and taken a deep dive in, if not then I urge you to take a moment to use this short letter as a little guide as a quick reference to find the highlights I’ve tucked away for you to find!

In my galleries you’ll be able to see some of my beautiful brides from full glam makeup to light and natural, from gentle flowing locks of hair to statement, intricate up-dos where I used four packs of hair extensions! I challenge anyone to tell me there’s a bridal look that I’ve missed – send me an email and call me out on it if I have! GEMMA@GEMMASUTTON.COM

Sadly if you’re here the truth is I can’t be a part every bride’s special day….. BUT (everything ever said before but is basically meaningless) ……Despair not! I’ve gone to great lengths to scour the land for the very best of artists and stylists for your most special day. Drop by and view my Pro Team, in there you’ll find artists who’s quality of work rivals my own- and certainly their knowledge!

Miss Blue Lily is constantly surprising me with insights from bronzing, contouring to dinosaurs (the more important things- we both have young sons!) and Miss Sunshine must have racked up more air miles back and forth to weddings in Italy this summer than Caroline Flack did to dump those Islanders (Love Island – a guilty pleasure- we’re all allowed one or three ladies!)

Please please please have a good click through their profiles, and view all of their work and get to know them a little bit, find out who they are and what makes them tick, one thing I’m sure of is that they’re dedicated to giving you 110% of their efforts for your wedding xx

Head over to my news & blog to read our beautiful brides and their wonderful weddings, some progressive shoots and swot up on our top tips as industry insiders! It really is just one great big rabbit hole, you know, like the comments section in @realdonaldtrump’s tweets- you’ll be lost for hours – just don’t forget to come up for air!

Come on in, have a good look and if you like what you see we’d love to hear from you- remember Fran and Michelle – you’ll be straight through to them – possible the two most wonderful and helpful ladies I’ve ever had the privilege of working with xx

See you soon!

Lots of love,

Gemma xx

Gemma Sutton

Gemma is the founder of Gemma Sutton Hair and Makeup

She lives on the Surrey Hampshire Border with her Partner Olly and son Spencer x

Gemma loves one thing more than being a part of a bride’s special day and that is spending as much quality time with Spencer as possible, where she has curated an enviable Instagram for him! xx


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