Danielle’s Levico Wedding

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Danielle’s Stunning Levico Wedding

Danielle is one of my favourite Bride’s to date! Her wedding was set in Levico Terme of the Valsugano Valley, dominated by the Lagorai Mountains of the Eastern Alps.

Just an hour's drive from Venice this absolutely stunningly beautiful backdrop was absolutely perfect for Danielle and Tom who are both avid rock climbers.

Danielle was such a dream bride to work with and to be honest the most organised bride I have ever come across. Not only did she have a mood-board for her own hair and makeup but she also did this for her bridesmaids and guests, who Danielle was treating to hair and makeup. This was a great help to myself and my Pro Team as we knew exactly what we were doing and in what order.

Danielle got ready at the Grand Hotel Imperial and had organised for the hotel to have set out a table and mirror and chair for each artist to work at in a big bright and airy space. Despite the international travel and early start, it was a stress-free fun morning and everyone was so excited to be there and a part of Danielle's big day!

Danielle's first look for hair was an elegant all up style. With all her hair swept off her face and twisted into a low bun. I added real hair extensions to add fullness and to make the style look more glamour. Danielle's makeup was a softer glamorous look, she is naturally very beautiful, with that in I set out to enhance her beauty starting with Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF 15. It is a long wearing and a humidity resistant hydrating foundation, which gives a perfectly smooth and flawless finish.  I softly contoured her skin adding shimmer on her cheekbone and brow bone. Her eyes were enhanced using soft golds and browns from Charlotte Tilbury. I added lots of individual lashes, mixing short and medium length to give the illusion of natural full and thick lashes. Lips and cheeks were kept to a soft peach tone both from MAC Cosmetics. I set the whole look using a setting powder from HD.

When it was time for Danielle's second look, I was excited to glam up the makeup! I added depth to the eyes smoking in a deep golden brown cream eyeshadow from Charlotte Tilbury. I added a couple of longer lashes just to the corner of eyes to widen and open them a little. Cheeks were darkened using a deep matte red from MAC Cosmetics. For Danielle's lips I wanted to make sure this would last the rest of the wedding so I prepped and primed her lips. I then used a matte red lip liner and lipstick and then dabbed on red matte pigment very carefully onto the lips this gives a velvet matte glamorous finish.

Her second hairstyle was a soft wave with a side parting. I waved her hair away from the face and pinned back one side.

Danielle looked very glamorous and as you can see from the photos she was all set to party the night away at their reception at the breathtaking Castel Ivano!

I loved every minute of the Wedding, it was such a fun trip with our Pro Team girls. After the wedding, myself and the team went for a lovely late long lunch and relaxed by the pool before catching a flight home - the glamour!!!!! It was a hot sunny day and the scenery was so beautiful. Coming back and taking my time to explore this beautiful area is definitely on my to-do list.

I wish Danielle and Tom all the best, they are a stunning, adventurous and lovely couple, the perfect match.

Gem xx 

Wedding Hair and Makeup -  Gemma Sutton  - Assistants Miss Bright, Miss Red Rose and Miss Fairytale from the Gemma Sutton Pro Team. 

 Wedding Photographer - Petar Jurica.

More amazing images can also be viewed here from Danielle's Wedding Day 


From Danielle:

Where to start – at the beginning I guess. My husband and I decided to marry in the North of Italy (2 hours north of Venice) in the mountains. We live in London, so we knew that our choice was not going to be the easiest to source suppliers for the wedding, but in our minds, we had found the perfect venue, so we were set on it. When it came to choosing a hair/make-up supplier I had a little bit of a hiccup / disaster with my trial in Italy. This was three months before the wedding.

Doing more trials in Italy was just not an option. I started to ask for recommendations from my friends in London and one of my good friends recommended Gemma. I looked her up on the internet and was blown away by her work – all of the hair and make-up looked like it was out of a high end wedding magazine.

I thought for sure there was no way that she was going to be able to come to my wedding that late in the game, but I thought I would try my luck…. I sent off an email on a bank holiday Monday in May. I waited with baited breath for the response, certain that it was not going to work. I got a message back first thing on the Tuesday confirming to me that in fact, this was one of the last appointments she had available. Luck was on my side that day! I jumped up and down with joy and immediately booked a trial with Gemma.

I went out to Gemma’s studio, which is absolutely beautiful and incredibly professional. I was nervous and excited. I met Gemma and immediately felt at ease – she has a natural way with people, she is down to earth, really interesting and incredibly fun.

I loved the trial – the hair was just stunning and the make-up was beautiful – Gemma had made me look beautiful but kept me looking like myself. It was at that point that I wish that Gemma could come over to my house every day before I headed off for work.

Now, here is where it gets complicated, as I already mentioned to you, I was marrying in a pretty inconvenient place for most people from London, in addition to that, I wanted the hair and/or make-up done on the morning of my wedding for 10 different people and to top it all off, the wedding reception started at noon, which meant that me, and 10 other people would need to be finished by 11am.

Now, above I mentioned a few positive characteristics about Gemma, but the one thing that I left out is that her and her team are a group of miracle workers. Fran and Michelle (Gemma’s incredible and super friendly assistants) worked with me to put together a team of 3 ladies + Gemma to fly out to Northern Italy and drive all the way into the mountains on the Friday night before my wedding. Gemma and her girls (I am sure after an epic evening of travel) came to my hotel for 6.30 am on the morning of my wedding and worked their magic to have everyone looking incredibly smashing by 10.30am. I still do not know how they did it.

Everyone was so happy with their hair and make-up and I thought they all looked so beautiful. Personally speaking, as the bride, I really feel that Gemma made me into the best version of me that day. She has an incredible attention to detail, she understands colours like no one I have ever met before, she gets people skin types and knows how perfectly to match a brand of make-up with that skin type.

Gemma truly is an artist and I do not know if there are enough nice words in the English language to thank her enough for the incredible job that her and her team did. So I will say it simply – Thank You.

Danielle - 29th August 2017
Gemma Sutton

Gemma is the founder of Gemma Sutton Hair and Makeup

She lives on the Surrey Hampshire Border with her Partner Olly and son Spencer x

Gemma loves one thing more than being a part of a bride’s special day and that is spending as much quality time with Spencer as possible, where she has curated an enviable Instagram for him! xx


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