Five Best Ways To Increase Guest Comfort At Your Wedding

Friday, August 24, 2018

A wedding can be a huge event, and often, preparations begin early in the morning, with the after party heading late into the night. We know it's your big day, but you invited the people that love you to spend the day with you! Show them that you love them too, with a few bits and pieces that will make sure the day flows seamlessly and with all guests enjoying the event day until night.


Guests at a wedding enjoying themselves


Comfortable seating

There’s a lot of standing up at weddings, what with greeting people and of course dancing! Making sure there’s an area for guests to sit down comfortably at points away from the action, especially elderly guests will help.


Table plan

So you’ve read our post on who to invite to your wedding - where to put them all? Placing people next to people they know or people you have a feeling will get on is the best way to ensure shyer or lone guests are able to enjoy the night as much as possible.


Work with the weather

If you’re having your ceremony or any part of your wedding held outside, you’ll be checking the weather forecast like no one’s business leading up to the big day. Whether expecting blistering sun or a downpour, it’s best to be prepared. Offer parasols or paper fans for hot weather, or umbrellas for rain - your guests will thank you!


Bride and groom at their wedding dancing


Dancing shoes

It’s not a party until everyone is up dancing! However, many women will have worn some cracking heels to go with their wedding outfits - and we all know how much they can hurt over a few hours! Providing some cheap flip flops in different sizes will go a long way in ensuring all your girls can get up to dance - and no one has to go barefoot!


An ‘emergency kit’ for guests

having a little bag of essentials on hand will allow you and your guests to keep looking and feeling your best right until the very last dance of the night. You can read our more in-depth post on how to create that here.


Ella Delancy

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