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Monday, March 10, 2014

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As a makeup artist the main thing my clients ask me is "how do I get flawless skin?"

I always tell them that flawless skin starts with a good canvas. If you look after your skin well, your makeup will sit much better and last a lot longer. I always advise my clients to opt for a moisturiser that is not highly perfumed and is suitable for sensitive skin.

There are three simple steps to follow 1 - cleanser, 2 - toner and 3 - moisturiser.

Note - It is important to pay attention to dry and oily skin types. Dry skin need more oil put back into it, whereas oily skin needs products that help reduce the oil and shine.

gemma sutton modelThe Three steps:

1 - Cleanser

You always want to use an ultra-calming cream cleanser which is gentle on skin and eyes.

2 - Toners

I like to use a spray toner which is gentle, moisturising and refreshing. This will help prepare the skin for moisturiser, and it doesn’t need to be removed from the skin.

3 - Moisturiser

You need to choose your moisturizer according to your skin type. For very dry skin, use a rich concentrated moisturiser. For normal to dry skin, a medium-weight moisturiser - this will hydrate and smooth the skin. For oily skin types, you will need a light-hydration formula that reduces the appearance of oil on the skin and helps close the pores.

Some skin types may require a little more treatment before moisturising - in those little problem areas. For dry skin, a hydrating booster can also be used on the lips. For sensitive skin, use a gentle treatment for reducing redness and to calm the skin. For mature skin, use a firming booster or serum - this will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The next step is to find the correct foundation for you and your skin. The main point of using a foundation is to even out the tone and colour of the skin, but there are so many different types of foundation that can achieve different looks to the skin.

A full coverage foundation will give you the best coverage and can effectively cover scars, discolouration and blemishes - almost like a concealer. To get a flawless base, I like to use full coverage and mix it with a little sheer fluid tinted moisturiser.

Then for the concealer, apply a concealer over the foundation, as the concealer provides heavier coverage than a foundation and will also help to cover dark circles. When choosing a good concealer you should consider both consistency and colour. It should be lightweight and creamy. The colour should match your skin exactly. If you have sensitive skin, then you should choose a formula that contains only pure mineral pigment colour and no dyes or oils.

The final step to your flawless skin is to find the correct powder.

Yet again there are so many different types of powders, ranging from pressed to loose, to sheer to full coverage.

To get really flawless skin, use a full coverage powder. It’s best to use a large powder brush, so it doesn’t look too caked-on.

Gemma Sutton

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