Halloween Makeup Tips

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Halloween weekend is fast approaching!
It is such a fun opportunity for everyone to get creative with Halloween makeup and hair without the need to go out and buy a huge array of kit.
Halloween Makeup Tips
If making yourself look hideous with great big gashes across your face, dangling eyeballs or being mummified isn’t really your thing then you can still take part in the spooky season opting for a dark sexy look teamed with a black lace dress.  Try taking red blood or gothic black lips matched with some severe contouring,  sultry smudgy black eyes and slicked wet look locks - a perfect time to trial these catwalk beauty trends taking some simple products from your everyday make up bag to create these looks - a simple but effective fright night combination!
  MU for Halloween  MU for Halloween  MU for Halloween
Makeup : Gemma Sutton
Photographer : Babb Photo
Venue : Fetcham Park
A few top tips to keep in mind:
  • You don’t need to spend a fortune on new MU for Halloween - be creative with what is in your make up bag:  Try using your waterproof eye liner for a black lip or use as a lip liner for a stand out lip with blood red applied blending in towards the middle of the lip for a two tone blended effect.  Apply primer first and ideally opt for a waterproof eye liner for it to last all night.
  • If you are opting for a smokey eye always remember to define the eyebrows to be in keeping with this strong look, this really frames the face and finishes the look.
  • Choose flirty false lashes to enhance the power of your dark smokey eyes - VAMP HD Brows lashes come in a pack of two so you can share with a friend or keep for another special occasion!
  • Take fake blood or red food colouring to stain your lips dark red if you don’t own a dark lipstick - this can be doubled up after halloween as a cheap alternative to blush adding a pop of colour to your cheeks or lips.
  • If you are new to contouring now is the perfect time to have a really good play - take an angled contour brush and use a dark bronzer shade using sweeping motions building up slowly depending on the severity you are going for - for a real Halloween look you can go all out creating a real hollowed skeleton style on a pale base.


 Halloween Makeup  The things that go bump in the night at the GS Studios. xx
Fran Walters


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