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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jo’s truly beautiful wedding day Jo’s truly beautiful wedding day Jo’s truly beautiful wedding day


Jo's truly beautiful wedding day was set in the stunning Amalfi Western coast line of Itlay.  An ideal spot for a glamourous laid-back special celebration, this really was one of the most beautiful settings I think i've ever had the chance to work upon.

It's all about Jo's wedding….

The Trial,
At  Jo's  trial she was so organised, showing me an array of images from some magazine cut outs/internet shots, Jo had a strong idea of what she wanted her hair to look like, similar to Amanda Holden off Britain's Got Talent, I now had an image to work from, which was a natural/loose waved side bun. With the amount of hair that Jo had this look wouldn't be be possible with out the help of hair pieces and hair foam.  We also had to take into account that the wedding was taking place in the sensational hot sun of Italy, so humidity/heat was going to play a big part in deciding what makeup/hair products I was going to use.
Regarding Jo's makeup she wanted a sun kissed flawless glowing skin, enhancing her natural and beautiful feature.  This was great way to bring out Jo's big blue eyes, as the brownish ocular in the bronzer would really highlight her eye colour.
We took our time and went thought everything together making sure we were both 100% happy with colours/product and techniques.  As for Jo's hair a foam piece and hair pieces were essential in being able to create the look she desired, this had to be made after the trial as hair pieces would have to be attached to the form and sown into place. I would then weave Jo's natural hair around this so no joins or hair pieces/foam were visible. I had to take a little cutting of Jo's hair, so i was 100% confidence in finding the closest colour match.

Arrive in Amalfi Italy for the wedding
I got to Italy the day before the wedding, so got the chance to meet Jo and her lovely family/friends before the big day and also enabled Jo and I to catch up on any possible last minute alterations Jo wanted me to make. I had to have another mini trial with Jo just to check that her hair foam I made fitted well, and the hair pieces were a good match, everything fitted perfectly and Jo was happy, which was the most important thing.  I could now relax for the day by the pool in the gorgeous hot sun until her big day tomorrow.

The big day of the wedding had arrived it was another beautiful hot sunny day, Thank god for the air con!!!! Everyone was so exited and happy the big day was finally here. After I had finished Jo's Mum's hair I went and joined Jo in her amazing big granite stoned room, the dress was hung up just waiting to be shown to her awaiting groom.

My Top steps/products in creating Jo's Amanda Holden's wedding bun.

- Leave the top section loose, and add a little shine serum to the hair, which will also prevent fly aways, which is a must on the coast line.
Next brush the hair back into a ponytail.

- For thin hair add a foam hair piece. I added hair pieces over the foam and hair pieces around to make Jo's hair look fuller/healthier and thicker.
This is a picture of what it looked like before adding it into Jo's hair.

- I then covered the sponge hair ring with Jo's own hair taking sections at a time and spraying  each section as I you go. This way the hair would look natural with a texture the way Jo wanted.
A great hair spray with extreme holding power and with a great smell is:  Ojon Extreme Hold Hairspray £24, its full of strengthening ingredients but the best bit is it smells of caramel not hairspray.

- Keep all ends of the hair pieces under the hair bun so they are not visible to the eye.

My Top steps/products in creating Jo's sun kissed flawless radiant glowing makeup.

A natural looking glowing skin, needs highlighting on the nose and cheeks, this is where the sun first hits the face.

- Start with clean, moisturised and prime the skin.

- I mixed a liquid bronzer with foundation and applied to the face and down the neck, to create a nature looking bronzed skin.

- Apply bronzing powder and apply right underneath the cheekbones, and then add a little pink blush colour on the apple of the cheeks, blending this into the brazier. Apply brazier underneath the jaw and a little down the neck to create a natural look. Blend the remaining bronzer from the brush, to the temples and blend upwards towards the forehead.

- I then applied a light shimmer shadow in gold, with a brown liner.

- Jo's lips were kept simple with a warm pink/gold lip gloss, and lots of it.

All picture used are by an incredible photographer, check out some of his work at's Testimonal.

Hello Gemma,
I hope you are well!
Just wanted to say another huge Thank you for making me look amazing on my Wedding day in Italy this August.
You are a true professional and a star, i will certainly recommend you to others. x


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