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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Some Makeup Tips about Dry Skin.....

I had the pleasure of doing Tash's hair and makeup on two consecutive weekends for a wedding.

Tash wasn't used to wearing any makeup, she had never wore make up before, ever! However, she wanted to look extra special for a dear friends wedding.

For the first week we eased Tash in gently, going for more of a natural make up finish. The second week for the actual wedding, Tash was feeling braver and we stepped it up a gear creating a soft subtle smoky eye with lashes and heavier eyeliner.

Sadly Tash suffers from chronic dry skin, yet to find the perfect product to keep her skin hydrated. Flawless make up is all in the perfect base. I advised Tash to try these products that I love for dry skin. Dermalogica, Micro Exfoliant is a beautifully gentle product that can be used regularly to exfoliate the skin. Clarins also do a brilliant range for dry skin, their treatment oil for dry is a lovely product to soften, smooth and hydrate the skin. Also their Hydro range of moisturisers and face mask, restores the skin, leaving it intensely hydrated in all circumstances.

Before starting Tash's makeup I cleansed her face using Bobbi Browns Gel Cleanser, a great start for dry skin leaving it feel soothed and hydrated. I then gave Tash a 5 minute deep cleansing massage using Bobbi Browns super rich Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm. I love this balm, not only does it smell amazing, it immediately moisturises and nourishes the skin. 

I then further primed the skin using MACs Prep and Prime Fix Plus spray. One of my favourite products providing the skin with an extra dose of hydration. 

If you suffer from dry skin you should avoid using powders or matte makeup products as they can emphasise dry skin. To illuminate Tash's skin we used MACs strobing cream followed by their Studio Face and Body Foundation that is moisturising and gives a beautiful natural statin finish. I also used NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, a super hydrating product. To bronze the skin I used Chanels, Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer, an amazing cream based bronzer that leaves your skin oozing with radiance. To highlight the skin I used a cream highlighter by Benifit, then used a cream blush by MAC. To avoid flakiness I applied these products to the face using a damp Beauty Blender.

To then set the make up I used a setting spray by Urban Decay rather than using a setting powder. This continues to keep the skin hydrated.

The finished product is beautifully, dewy radiant skin!

Wedding before and after - gemma sutton pro team

Lots of love

Miss Fairytale xx

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