My Gemma Sutton Makeup Training Day.....

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Makeup Training Day at the Gemma Sutton studio. 

Words by Miss Flawless....

Wow, wow, wow, where do I even begin? Its hard to put into words just how amazing, perfect my makeup training day was. The whole day was very relaxed. I didn’t once feel like it was a test which put me at ease as coming from not having any make up training or professional experience was very daunting.

It was all down to the girls; Amy my trainer and my model Michelle Miss Sunshine who are both pro team members already and Michelle having come from a very similar background to me. And of course the support and confidence Gemma and Fran have given me from the day I enquired till now.

Even from our little Christmas get together I was invited to before even doing my intense training; they made me feel like part of the family. Introducing me to all the girls on the team,seeing their work in action and of course their very generous gift of flowers to welcome me. I felt like I’d been one of the team for a while.

Amy, ‘Miss Impeccable’ led my makeup training day and she certainly lives up to her name. Having had such an experienced background in makeup I knew I was learning from the best. Amy also was my make up artist for my wedding day which was even more exciting.

She took me from start to finish as if Michelle was a real bride on her trial. From the initial meeting, getting to know the bride and her special day to the end result creating her dream look. Having loved make up ALL my life and being around it during my professional dancing days I was very familiar with a lot of the techniques Amy was going to cover during the training day.
I loved the way that Amy taught me which was very hands on, even on my first day! We split the models face in half, and she would demonstrate on the left and then I copied after on the right.

Her attention to detail was immense and her focus on finer details was spot on. She truly is ‘impeccable’! We had three looks to cover: creating the natural beauty look, the perfect smokey eye and creating a 1920’s eyeliner flick with the perfect red lip.

Firstly we started off prepping the skin and applying the base. Amy made very clear this is THE most important stage as this will keep the bride glowing for hours. We worked with different textures and colours of eyeshadows, applying my favourite, false lashes. Finishing with contouring, highlighting and shadowing and of course the must have fixer spray.

The day was jam packed learning about face shapes and what style of make up works best. I knew I’d love my makeup training day but I didn’t realise I’d love it as much as I did. That was purely down to the girls making me feel so welcome and comfortable. It was so relaxed and so much fun. It’s crazy to think that I learned as much as I did.

P.s. Amy and Gemma had the best kit EVER, I was in pure heaven.
I know that I still have so much more to learn and it amazes me just how much you learn from watching others work but I feel confident that I couldn’t have found a more amazing group of ladies to learn from.
Gemma has surrounded herself with some of the most talented women I have ever been around and I will be forever grateful to have been given the privilege of joining one of the top bridal hair and make up teams in the UK. Thank you will never be enough. xx

Gemma Sutton

Gemma is the founder of Gemma Sutton Hair and Makeup

She lives on the Surrey Hampshire Border with her Partner Olly and son Spencer x

Gemma loves one thing more than being a part of a bride’s special day and that is spending as much quality time with Spencer as possible, where she has curated an enviable Instagram for him! xx


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