Paris Fashion Shoot Day 2 xx

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dinner in Paris

OK so not quite Day 2 in Paris but, after writing Part 1 of our fashion shoot in Paris we headed into Le Marais for dinner. 

We found a fantastic little restaurant called Le Sevigne

I've always found dining as a guest of our French cousins to be such a relaxed and pleasurable affair - no wonder they say that they instigated the 35 hour work week to give way to the 36 hour lunch week!

Le Sevigne specialises in classic French cuisine and is one of those quintessentially Parisian restaurants with that eclectic ambience that makes you feel like you're completely at home.

I had the Cod which was succulent and just melted in my mouth - oh french food how I love you!!! xx

We headed home early so I could FaceTime with Spencer (I love him so much!) and get a good night's rest ahead of today's action!

Days 2 of our Fashion shoot in Paris with David Wickham!!

An early start as always for a fashion shoot, today we woke up to a stunning day in Paris.

Walking the streets the sun was adorning the beautiful Belle Epoque Architecture of Le Marais xx

Some street art of Mickey Mouse was a fun find - I'm no expert but it looks like it was inspired by Banksy x

David and I were joined by three new models Camille Laurent, Andreea Craciun & Linne Arimberg

For our Parisian shoot location in Le Marais, the girls have donned our gorgeous gowns from Jo Fleming x

It is my pleasure to share a few BTS images from today:-



This evening we'll be heading out to see some sights of Paris - I'll pop a little update on tomorrow's blog post!!!


Lots of love 


Gemma xx


All credit goes to David for putting everything together

And a big thank you to Jo Fleming Design for supplying all of our gorgeous gowns xx

And today's models have been:-

Camille Laurent

Andreea Craciun

Linne Arimberg

Hair and makeup by me!



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