Rachel's Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Curly wedding hairstyles are more popular than ever. Here's how I created Rachel’s perfect curly wedding look.
Before the Wedding...
I recommend for Rachel to treat her hair.... Hair that's healthy will naturally have less frizz and more shine. Trim the hair a few weeks before the wedding removing all dead ends. I recommends to have a deep conditioning treatment (an absolute must if your hair is naturally coarse or if it's been heavily processed or colored).


The Morning Of...
I got Rachel to hold her hair upside down while i dryed her hair using a blow-dryer with a diffuser. "You can take advantage of the natural root lift and body this way," To get the most out of curls, i straighed the hair first with the good old ghd’s.  Then the curling iron where needed..  I begain at the nape of the neck, picking up a small section of hair at a time. I wraped the section around the outside of the curling iron. I healed for a few seconds, then gently let go.  I alternate the direction of the curl’s and also the size of the sections so this give a much more natural look.
For some finishing touches i sprayed some super shine spray, to add a little more shin to Rachel’s locks. After a brief spritzing, I carefully run my fingers through the curls to separate them and make them look a bit more natural.

Ta-da! Rachel has her beautiful curly bridal wedding hair. xx

“Hi Gemma, Thanks again for all you did on my wedding day. I had a lovely day, and looked my very best, Thanks to you.” All the best R x All the best R x




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