Underwater Photoshoot

Sunday, December 11, 2011

An exciting shoot was arranged by Ed Manning, a very talented up and coming underwater photographer.
This was something I had been wanting to do for a long time, and when Ed got in contact with me wanting to collaborate I was one Underwater Photoshootexcited makeup and hair artist.
We had Anoosh Naghibi a great stylist/designer who was also very keen to get involved. With three pro models Gina Negus, Agne Motiejunaite, and Julius Reuben.
All the team apart from Ed had never done an underwater photoshoot before so it was a new and very different experience for us all.
I had two makeup and hair looks to create on each model, which was quite a lot of work so my lovely assistants "Victoria" came to help.

All makeup used was water proof and glitter was added heavily with water proof glue to reflect the light underwater.
Hair was left loose for a few shoots to give movement underwater, I also added a number of hair pieces to create a bigger more powerful look.
All the models were excellent underwater, I think they all said it was a lot harder than they thought, as they had much more to think about and do underwater.

Gemma Sutton

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