Wedding Advice From Recently Married Brides

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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Getting married is a dream come true for so many couples, and the wedding planning process is what makes the day itself.

However, like anything, hindsight is 20/20 and it’s not until after the big day that brides and grooms can look back and see what they might have changed if they could do it again.

We’ve asked some now-married brides to share with us their lessons learned and wedding advice around their wedding planning process and the day itself.

Wedding advice from some beautiful brides

Wedding advice from some beautiful brides

Keep track of your budget

“Inconsequential purchases add up so fast,” said Anni. “There were so many bits and pieces we ‘thought we needed’ or ‘should have’ which totaled hundreds of pounds. If we’d stopped to think about what we really needed, we could have saved a lot of money.”

Who’s that?

Emily said: “I wanted a really small wedding, and I ended up with 150 guests! It was absolutely beautiful day, and everything went swimmingly, but I wish we hadn’t been talked into inviting so many people by other relatives that we barely knew. If we had our time again, I’d make it immediate family and close friends only.”

Don’t try to do it alone

Don’t try to do it alone

Sara said: “I am a massive control freak and really wanted to handle everything myself, in terms of wedding planning. I ended up booking myself a one-way ticket on the Stress Express! My family convinced to share the load and let a few people close to me help in the planning process. I’m so glad I did, it make things so much easier.”

Make your day yours, and yours alone

Make your day yours, and yours alone

“Try your absolute best not to listen to anything negative about your day,” said Lindsey. “It’s YOUR wedding day, and it’s easy to become swayed by other peoples’ opinions. Everyone will have their own view, but you know what you like – try your best to stick to that.”

Spend time together on the wedding day

Joanne said: “It’s so easy to get caught up in the day itself and actually spend no time at all with your partner. You might be standing side by side for photos, but make sure to carve out some time to spend one-on-one, even if that’s a ten-minute walk away from all the action. We made sure to take ourselves off for a few minutes to collect ourselves and reflect on the amazing thing we’d just done. I’m glad we did – we were busy for the rest of the evening!”

Spend time together on the wedding day

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