Wedding Guestbook – Four Unique Ideas

Saturday, July 7, 2018

A wedding guestbook is such a lovely idea for your special day. Having one is a fabulous chance for your guests to share their thanks at sharing your big day, and also thoughtful messages of love and support. You can look back at your wedding guestbook for years to come, reminding yourself about the wonderful day and who you shared it with.

Traditionally, a wedding guestbook was just that: a plain book for guests to hand-sign. Although this idea is lovely in itself, we wanted to share some alternative, unique ideas for your consideration!

Traditionally, a wedding guestbook
Polaroid Photobook

Provide a couple of Polaroid cameras for guests to take selfies or portraits of themselves and the fun they’re having on your special day. Have them finish them off with a quick message on the back. After the event, place the photographs into an album for a lovely visual wedding guestbook. The photographs are sure to be much more candid than your professional shots, and may turn out to be hilarious!


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Date Night Jars

Gather some jars and plain lolly sticks. Ask guests to sign one side and write a ‘date night’ idea on the other. As simple as ‘go to the cinema’ or as wild as ‘go skydiving’ – the choice is theirs! Next time you’re stuck for inspiration for your next date night, take a stick at random and do whatever it says.

Gather some jars and plain lolly sticks

Jenga Wedding Guestbook

A cheap and effective option – and great fun for any younger guests! Ask your family and friends to write messages on Jenga blocks with permanent marker. Take out your Jenga game at your parties and enjoy reading the messages whilst indulging in some healthy competition!

A cheap and effective option

Wedding Piñata

Now, this is a fun idea! Pick up a wedding piñata from Etsy, or get creative and make your own. Have guests write down a note and pop it into the slot at the top. Keep your filled piñata safe and bring it out on your first wedding anniversary. Have a giggle over bashing it and then sit together reading the thoughtful words your guest have shared.

Tips and hints for creating an amazing wedding guestbook

Make sure there are clear instructions for guests to follow – some of these ideas may be totally new to some of your family and friends!

Ensure there are plenty of materials for guests to use to make your beautiful wedding guestbook. Include several pens, and anything else needed for the book you’re looking to create.

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beautiful wedding guestbook

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