Wedding Social Media Fun

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The power of social media, by Naomi Shaw.

Wedding social media fun
Wedding social media fun

The power and reach of social media elevates every event. An engagement isn’t official until the social media announcement officially confirms the momentous news. After the engagement, updates on wedding planning and the big event become the most followed news items among friends, relatives and ‘social media only’ followers…who might just be very distant acquaintances.

Integrating social media with the wedding planning is a must in today’s e-centric world. Social media provides an instantaneous way to keep friends and loved ones updated to even the tiniest changes in event itineraries while also allowing distant friends or relatives feel connected and involved.

There is, however, always too much of a good thing. That includes wedding updates, pictures and other pre-matrimonial items posted to social media accounts. While the wedding planning (and the big day itself) might seem like the central focus of a couple’s lives, matrimonial milieus, dress design details and other tedious tidbits are not what every friend or family member wants to read.

Integrate social media with careful thought and understand that some things should remain under wraps.  So what should be kept secret and what should be blasted via social media? Follow these tips to take your wedding social in style.


Wedding social media fun
Wedding social media fun

Details to keep on the Down-Low:

Dress related photos or descriptions. The wedding dress is the big surprise of the day! Never post pictures or even the tiniest of dress details on any social media account. Even mentioning the dress designer might put some friends on the hunt for more info. Brides who want to include dress-hunting photos should post the fun pictures of dresses that didn’t make the cut. Feel free to post photos wearing the ugliest or most unusual dresses.

The flowers chosen for the bride’s bouquet. The bouquet usually has a certain meaning to the bride. Some brides choose flowers for what they represent. The creation of a bouquet seems basic on the surface, but the beauty of the arrangement helps further define and highlight the dress. Consider the bouquet as an extension of the gown itself and don’t share their contents.

Embarrassing pictures and videos. Bachelorette and Bachelor parties can produce some wacky, embarrassing and sometimes downright mortifying moments. Don’t capture these to digital memory. And if photos are taken—which, really, they probably will be taken—do not share them via social media. No one wants to see the bride, groom or anyone in the wedding party insanely intoxicated, half-clothed…or worse. Think before posting any embarrassing photos, and tell friends to do the same. This rule also extends to the wedding and the reception…and the guests who celebrate the big day.

Special surprises to be included in the ceremony. Writing your own vows? Preparing a song for the betrothed? Keep the details under wraps. Allow guests to anticipate special moments. Sharing too many details might ruin the surprise for the wedding party members or even the bride or groom.

Share, Share, Share!

The menu. So many individuals suffer from food allergies, and others adhere to a vegan lifestyle. Share the dinner menu with guests to allow them to convey any special needs or dietary restrictions ahead of time. 

Time, date, & place. To ensure everyone gets the memo ahead of time—posts often get lost in the cyber shuffle—create a wedding website to include all the pertinent details of the event. Include hotel information (be sure to block rooms for out-of-town guests), gift registry details and the location, date and time of the wedding and reception. If adhering to a dress-code, be sure to list preferred attire.  Share a link to the site via social media.

Photo opportunities. Everyone has a camera phone ready to snap selfies and event pictures. If the couple prefers that guests not take pictures at the event or reception, convey the request ahead of time via social media. However, if photo ops are encouraged, make sure guests understand their photographic freedoms! To encourage guests to share photos, set up a photo sharing site and hand out cards to guests indicating where they can view event photos and even upload their own photos.

Social media enables the couple to involve family, friends and even distant social media acquaintances on their wedding planning and event details. Couples should always remember that everything on the internet is forever—for better or for worse. Post wisely, and enjoy the instantaneous outreach that social media provides. 

Wedding social media fun
Wedding social media fun

by Naomi Shaw.

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