Why You NEED A Makeup Trial Before Your Wedding

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A question we hear a lot in the wedding industry is "Is a wedding makeup trial run really necessary?" On one of the biggest days of your life, it's so important to try to avoid any issues that may occur and make sure that the day goes completely smoothly!

Gemma applies lip liner to bride for her wedding hair and makeup trial

I've spoken to Gemma and her team at length, and it's clear to see that all they want is for brides to feel the absolute best version of themselves for their wedding day, one of the most important days of their lives.

You wouldn't get married without a rehearsal or try your dress on only once, and it should be the same for your hair and makeup. It's a very important first opportunity for you to meet your make-up artist and go through some beauty looks.

Here are our reasons as to why our response to that question is always absolutely "YES!"

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Get to know each other

A trial run is more than just a practice run for hair and makeup. You want to be comfortable with them and make sure they are able to execute your desired style or makeup look. At the trial you'll spend a couple of hours together, talk through ideas and try them out on your face. So it's quality time for you to get to know one another and bounce ideas around whilst having some fun with make-up.

What suits you?

A wedding makeup trial is the perfect time to discuss your options and to try different looks that will work for you. We need need to buy hair extensions or other products ahead of time to achieve the desired results so this is also important.

Gemma says: “It is so important for your artist to understand the look and style that you are going for as well as the general theme and style for the whole day. Start by gathering inspiration images of hair and makeup you love together ahead of your trial to discuss.”

Gemma with Miss Sunshine, Miss Fairytale & Miss Blue Lily from our Pro Team together for a wedding hair and makeup trial

Timing is everything!

Wedding day schedules tend to be pretty tight, so knowing exactly what look is desired and how long it takes to perform can save a lot of time. Your chosen artist will be dedicated to you on your wedding day, and may often have assistants. 

Part of our wonder team's role in the studio - Fran & Michelle - is to timetable everything so that everyone knows where they should be - Gemma would place her faith in no other team to make sure everything comes off without a hitch!

Take a look at the Pro Team pages - in there you’ll find artists whose quality of work rivals Gemma’s. Please have a good click through their profiles, and view all of their work and get to know them a little bit. Gemma and the Pro Team aim to leave their brides feeling elated with being the best version of themselves.

Gemma Perfecting her bride's lips in her hair and makeup trial x

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